Need To Reach A Special Kind Of Real Estate Buyer - We Can Help!

Lifestyle Property is designed to reach a discerning buyer who’s choice of real estate is not driven by price or suburb.

As a starting point, we only accept listings with the following criteria:

A) Coastal properties within 2 hours of a major city

B) Lifestyle properties within 2 hours of a major city

C) Special properties with unique characteristics.. ie: cottages, river views, bed and breakfasts, alpine chalets, secluded areas

We specialise in helping vendors who have tried to sell their property through traditional agents and have been unsuccessful.

We offer tailored campaigns that are focussed on reaching unique markets, international, local, high net wealth demographics etc.. Basically all the stuff traditional websites do not cover.

Our traffic should not be compared to; as our focus is on quality, not quantity.

If you would like to enquire about listing your property, please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.

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